Unique Handmade Creations

Each treasure is created with an artists imagination, and a jewelers skill. Our vintage time pieces, buttons, and jewelry re-imagined into wearable works of art, each item is a one of a kind timeless treasure to call your own.


If ever two beings could be said to be “distracted by shiny things” it would be us.

Lois Wallace

My pieces for The Victorian Magpie’s Steampunk jewelry line are inspired by my fascination with the Victorian Goth scene and Steampunk, even while remaining a conservative, traditional jeweler. My continued friendship with one of my former jewelry coworkers (June Druchunas) who shares this love of Steampunk led to the formation of The Victorian Magpie.

June Druchunas

I spent almost 35 years working in the Jewelry retail and corporate world as aStore Manager, Visual Display Manager, Special Events Coordinator, and Repair Services Manager. It was time for a change. My love for antiques, jewelry and watches inspired me to start creating these items from non-functional treasure. To be able to give them new life is very satisfying. I was born in New York, on Long Island, and after many hops around the country I settled down in Wilmington, NC.

More about UsLine-Victorian

Here “Victorian” is not meant to indicate a specific culture, but rather references a time period and an aesthetic: the industrialized 19th century. Historically, this period saw the development of many key aspects of the modern world (mechanized manufacturing, extensive urbanization, telecommunications, office life and mass-transit), andsteampunk uses this existing technology and structure to imagine an even more advanced 19th century, often complete with Victorian-inspired wonders like steam-powered aircraft and mechanical computers.


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